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Who is Action?

Owned by 3i, Action is the leading Netherlands based non-food discount retailer.

What does Action do?

Action sells household and office supplies, cosmetics, personal care items, toys and more, among a further eight product categories. It now has more than 800 stores across Europe, over 32,000 employees and sells more than 6,000 different products. It continues to differentiate itself through a broad, ever-changing, product mix, at excellent value.

"More than you expect, for less than you imagine" - Action

The opportunity

Why 3i invested in this business:

  • To back a winning, non-food retailer in the European market
  • To invest in a business with a unique offering that is highly valued by its customers
  • To target significant new store opening potential in the Netherlands and Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and beyond

Why we like the investment

"Action has a unique offering which has differentiated itself from its competitors and helped amass a loyal customer base over the years" – Peter McKellar, SL Capital

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