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Who is Lindorff?

Lindorff is the European leader in debt collection and non-performing loan investments.

What does Lindorff do?

Founded in 1898, Lindorff is the leading full-service European credit management service provider, offering services within debt collection and debt purchase as well as payment and invoicing services. The company has 4,400 employees in 13 countries.

"We see credit management differently. We see opportunities, not obstacles. Flexibility, not rigidity. New solutions, not legacy objections. We see a better way" - Lindorff

The opportunity

Why Nordic Capital invested in this business:

  • Lindorff operates in a fast-growing market
  • The company’s strong market position is supported by high barriers to entry
  • Strong outsourcing and regulatory trends support industry growth
  • The opportunity to acquire complementary businesses to enhance value.

Why we like the investment

"As the European leader in a sector with high barriers to entry and fast growth, we believe Lindorff, with the support of Nordic Capital, is well positioned to become a star performer" – Patrick Knechtli, SL Capital

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