Standard Life Investments

Investment Objective and Policy

Investment objective: The investment objective is to achieve long-term total returns through holding a diversified portfolio of private equity funds and direct investments into private companies alongside private equity managers (“co-investments”), a majority of which will have a European focus.

Investment policy: The principal focus of the Company is to invest in leading private equity funds and to manage exposure through the primary and secondary funds markets. The Company’s policy is to maintain a broadly diversified portfolio by country, industry sector, maturity and number of underlying investments. In terms of geographic exposure, a majority of the Company’s portfolio will have a European focus. The objective is for the portfolio to comprise around 50 ‘‘active’’ private equity fund investments; this excludes funds that have recently been raised, but have not yet started investing, and funds that are close to or being wound up. The Company may also invest up to 20% of its total assets in co-investments.

The Company may also hold direct private equity investments or quoted securities as a result of distributions in specie from its portfolio of investments. The Company’s policy is normally to dispose of such assets where they are held on an unrestricted basis. This is in addition to the 20% that can be held in co-investments.

To maximise the proportion of invested assets it is the Company’s policy to follow an over-commitment strategy by making fund commitments which exceed its uninvested capital. In making such commitments, the Manager, together with the Board, will take into account the uninvested capital, the quantum and timing of expected and projected cashflows to and from the portfolio and, from time to time, may use borrowings to meet draw downs. The Company’s maximum borrowing capacity, defined in its articles of association, is an amount equal to the aggregate of the amount paid up on the issued share capital of the Company and the amount standing to the credit of the reserves of the Company. However, it is expected that borrowings would not normally exceed 30% of the Company’s net assets at the time of drawdown.

The Company’s non-sterling currency exposure is principally to the euro and US dollar. The Company does not seek to hedge this exposure into sterling, although any borrowings in euros and other currencies in which the Company is invested would have such a hedging effect.

Cash held pending investment is invested in short dated government bonds, money market instruments, bank deposits or other similar investments. Cash held pending investment may also be invested in funds whose principal investment focus is listed equities or in listed direct private equity investment companies or trusts. These investments may be in sterling or such other currencies to which the Company has exposure.

The Company will not invest more than 15% of its total assets in other listed investment companies or trusts.

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